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Understanding Substance Abuse- What it is and How to Quit

Mental Health > What it is and How to Quit

Usage of alcohol, tobacco and drugs comes under the purview of substance abuse. It is a growing epidemic, which takes millions of lives each year. Nations all over the world are putting tremendous efforts towards the control of substance abuse.

The affects of substance abuse are many. It not only affects the individual but also affects the user’s family and society. Thus, it attacks the very foundation of our society. With the increase in consumption over the past few decades, more and more varieties of these substances such as cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, and speed are flooding the markets.

The use of these substances usually causes difficulty in judgment, perception; the body loses control of itself. The reaction time becomes slow as the person generally becomes drowsy. This also leads to many drug related crimes such as rape, violence etc. Such people are also susceptible to various other health problems like HIV / AIDS, Hepatitis B and C etc.

In order to fight this disease we must first understand what the factors that lead to substance abuse are. These factors could be within the family such as a poor home environment; could also be the social circle of an individual that is the company he keeps; could also be psychological factors such as an extremely shy person. Whatever the factors are, the very use of these substances reflects a weak willed individual, or an easily influenced person. Statistics also prove that the majority of users are in the below 26 age group.

Thus, prevention programs should start right from school wherein proper information is given to the students and any misconceptions cleared. An environment of disapproval should be created. Parents, teachers should look out for any sudden changes in performance, behavior and refer a doctor. In substance related cases the chances of relapse are high hence the need for early treatment.

Mental Health > What it is and How to Quit