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Reproductive Health Defined

Reproductive Health > Reproductive Health Defined

For most people, having a child is the greatest thing that they can hope for in life. If you are considering the idea of having a child now or in the future, you should consider learning more about your reproductive health first. Not everyone can have a child, but for those who can, it is good to know how you can take care of yourself to ensure that this happens and that your child gets a healthy beginning as some complications can be transferred to the child through either parent during conception.

The best thing that you can do to ensure your reproductive health is to regularly see your doctor (at least once a year) for a complete physical which includes normal check up procedures, extra checkups, and blood work. For women, this includes getting a pap smear every year with a gynecologist. Other ways to protect yourself from reproductive problems is to wear condoms every time you have sex to protect you from STDs which can cause problems when you are trying to conceive, and possibly transfer problems to your baby should you be successful.

Women should also be wary of PIV (pelvic inflammatory virus) severe pains in the abdomen could be caused by endometriosis. Be sure to have regular checkups from a doctor and report any changes in your menstrual cycle. Men have to be just as on top of their reproductive health as women. That is why it is important for men to report to a doctor if they experience problems urinating, various penile dysfunctions like impotence, and testicular or scrotum problems or changes. Keeping up on your reproductive health is just as important as maintaining your every day health. You should try not to eat too much fatty foods as well since this can cause colon problems. Basically, you have to really stay on top of your health concerns in all aspects if you want to be able to maintain your reproductive health.

Causes, Treatments and Solutions of Impotence

Impotence is the inability for a male to get and maintain an erection for physical intercourse. It is a very scary condition. It may lead to lose of all peace and happiness by jeopardizing the sex life. In the US, almost twenty million men suffer from it at some time in their lives. We can broadly divide the reasons of impotency into two - physical and psychological. However, sometimes both reasons may be functional behind it.

The cause is purely physical in almost half of the cases of impotence. The physical reasons include diabetes, male hormone deficiencies, liver or kidney disease, prostate problems, vascular diseases etc. Excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs can lead to this problem. Some medications can also contribute to it. Many a times, medications for hypertension and those causing drowsiness are responsible for the problem. For example, an antihistamine is one such

The psychological causes for impotence are wide and varied. Excessive workload, problems in relationship etc. are the most common reasons. Acute depression diminishes the sexual desire. The fear of failing to get and maintain an erection adds more to the woes. It increases the difficulties in sexual performance. The situation would get worse if the partner points.

It is not very difficult to differentiate between a physical and psychological cause of impotence. If the reasons are psychological, the sufferer will have problems in erection during sex. However, he may experience erection during sleep or awakening in the morning.

Treatment for impotence would be different in different cases depending on the type of the cause. For example, if medication is the reason, simply staying away from that medication will help. It is advisable to consult a doctor in such situations. Same way, one should stop consuming alcohol if it is the reason.Some herbal medications claim that they can help with impotence and a lack of libido. If the reasons are psychological, counseling may help. One can try to devise own ways of stress reduction. Antidepressants can also help in dealing with depression.

Reproductive Health > Reproductive Health Defined