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Senior Health And You

Senior Health > Senior Health And You

If you are above the age of 65, you should know that you have to take your health seriously. Maintaining good health is a bit different for seniors than it is for those that haven’t reached senior status yet. First of all, you have to consider that as your body has aged, you will need to build up your strength. Part of this process is to eat a balanced and healthy diet as is prescribed by the food pyramid. Part of your healthy diet should be a regular dose of calcium for your bones. It helps to prevent osteoporosis. Vitamin supplements are great for those that aren’t really certain if they are getting their recommended does of vitamins a minerals from their diet. Centrum Senior is great for this.

Seniors should also try and maintain an active lifestyle whenever possible. It keeps the blood circulating and helps strengthen the heart and lungs. Circulatory problems are common for seniors, but it can be helped. Too many times, seniors stick to their daily regimen, but rarely do they realize some of the problems that they can get from ignoring basic fitness regimens such as eating healthy and balanced meals, getting regular exercise, and taking extra vitamin supplements. All of this needs to be considered for overall senior health.

You should also keep your regimen in tune with your physical capabilities. As a senior you should also consider adding an aspirin therapy to your daily health regimen to help prevent heart attacks and strokes. It is growing in popularity but you should consult a doctor first to ensure that it won’t interfere with other medications that you are taking. The average dose for heart attack prevention is about 80MG a day. Arthritis is a major problem for many seniors, as well as everything else. If you maintain a good fitness regimen, you should be just fine. Nothing can help to make up for vitamin deficiencies better than supplements.

Senior Health > Senior Health And You