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Senior Health Care

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Who is taking care of the elderly people? Who indeed. In a world of hurry up and get it done, and it is all about me, me, me. It is shameful to see not only are the families of the elderly are turning the back on them, but so too is the health care system.

Getting old is labeled the “Golden Years” I wonder if you asked a senior if they believe that what the response might be. You see it all the time in the paper how a nursing home has neglected a patient. But for every story that we read like this it should be noted that there are nursing homes that do indeed take care of the patients.

Our government has cut pensions, and the cost of living has gone through the roof. In 1964 the average three bedroom bungalow could be bought for under ten thousand dollars. Today the senior in need of health care, on a pension is faced with selling this home, which is now worth over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, just to pay for the care that is needed. How I ask is this the golden years? Forced to sell what one works for all their life just to pay for health care that our government deems “not in the budget”.

Senior health Care is high demand as the baby boomers age. But the really question is who is taking care of our elderly? Should the years of tax money not insure a senior of suitable health care, should the “golden years” not be just that..golden? Well you can afford to pay medical bills for all the seniors out there, perhaps you might take a moment and drop in a senior center and sit and chat for a while, perhaps you might take a moment and tell someone in the their “golden years” that you care and are glad for them.

Senior Health > Senior Health Care