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We all have parents. We all know at least one senior. Hey one day we all ( god willing) will be old. This is not something you can hide from. One day you and I will need a good health plan. The time is now. Get out that health care policy you have filed in a cabinet and take a long look at it. We all know that the time to take care of your health is not when you are sick but before you get sick. Right? So why then are the hospitals filled with seniors that do not have proper health care plans, that are now being force to sell their belonging to pay medical bills that are necessary to get them out of the hospital?

The government has just implemented a seventy five dollar charge to get your eyes check. Where it used to be paid by OHIP it was cut down to two times a year ( the coverage) and just this past fall it is now the sole responsibility of the patient to pay for this examine. If you are a senior on a fix income, seventy five dollars is not in the budget. Worse as we age our eyes start to fail, and it is early detection that will prevent the lights going out their so called “golden years”.

The important thing to remember is that seniors need a good health care plan. You will need to consider all your medical history. And then even some issues that might come up in your later years. It has never been more clear that the young will need a good health plan for the future. The obesity rate is at a dangerously high rate, and that will lead to a future health care issues like diabetes and heart decease. Don’t wait, start planning for the future, and if you have an elderly parent, get them to review their health care plan.

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