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Transplant Surgery

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Hearing that you need a new organ can be the most devastating news in the world. This is especially so when you consider the number of risks that are involved in transplant surgery. For most people the biggest problem in getting transplant surgery is in finding the right donor organ to substitute your own. Because so many people require transplant surgeries, a person can wind up waiting for years for the right donor to come along, and for many of these people, it is too late. Transplant surgeries are always used as a last resort in order to save a life. With such a high demand for certain types of transplants; particularly those that have a rare blood and marrow type, it can often be the scariest time in a person’s life.

Transplant surgery is not just a risky major surgery, it can only be done when there is a presence of a perfect match. This means that in order for you to receive a transplanted organ, the donor’s blood type and tissues must perfectly match your own so that your body doesn’t reject the transplant and send your body into a deadly shock or cardiac arrest. The most commonly hear of transplant is the kidney. This can often be donated by a family and is the easiest to come by because you can get this organ from a life and healthy source. A person can often live a long and healthy life with only one kidney.

Other transplant surgeries are not simple because of the fact that any live person requires the use of their own organs in order to survive so these transplants are taken from a recently deceased donor. Some of these organs can be lungs, hearts, and livers. With such a high need for transplants, that is why it is necessary for people to become donors. It is generally believed that if you are a donor, you could be prematurely let out of life just to suit the need for your organ, but it is just not true. Doctors do not randomly rob live people of their organs just because they may be hurt. If you are interested in becoming an organ donor you should contact the Red cross for advice on how to begin. There are millions of people who could really use the help.

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