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Diabetes Symptoms

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You all know that medical form you fill out at the doctors, that clearly asks for you medical history right? Well they ask for a reason. Many diseases caught early can be prevented or treated before they worsen.

There are two types of diabetes. The first is called type 1 diabetes. This is found in children and is treated with insulin shots. It is a disease that has no known cure. The insulin shot is taken daily and a proper diet must be followed. If this is done, the patient can live a full life. However if the insulin is not taken, the patient can fall into coma and die. There are complications to diabetes, such as blindness

The second type of diabetes is called type 2 diabetes. It is usually found in older patients. This type of diabetes can be controlled by pills, and sugar level in both cases must be check several times of day to insure their blood is at an acceptable level. This is done by using a blood monitor and the patient pricks their finger and puts a small drop of blood on the monitors blood tab, and the machine takes a reading of the patients blood. This type of diabetes has no symptom’s however left untreated, can lead to blindness and heart disease.

While the best way to know if you have diabetes is to get your blood sugar levels check, it is important to know your family history. If you have diabetes in your families history you may develop it yourself. Type 2 diabetes can be controlled with diet, and may not require you take pills. There are no definite symptoms of diabetes however, people who have the disease, will feel tired if their blood sugar levels get too high, and in some severe cases they can fall into a sugar coma. There was a time in our world that women with diabetes where advised not to have children. With our modern medicine, this is now not the case.

Symptoms > Diabetes Symptoms