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High Blood Pressure Symptoms

Symptoms > High Blood Pressure Symptoms

High blood pressure can break your heart….silently. Some patients complain of headaches and feely dizzy, however the majority of people with high blood pressure feel no symptoms. How can this be? Well simply put all the damage is on the inside of your body where you can not see it.

There is not a specific age group that is prone to it. Your can develop high blood pressure in your teens, twenties, thirties, forties and so on. High blood pressure can be treated with a life style change, change of diet and medications. The strange thing is that many people have high blood pressure and have no idea. In some cases their doctor are not even aware of the danger laying quietly inside their patients. High blood pressure damages the blood vessels to your organs, and although you “feel good” inside your blood pressure is killing off the blood supply to your eyes, heart, lungs and kidneys. Once you have high blood pressure can the damage be reversed? Well the short answer is no, you CAN prevent further damage but monitoring your blood levels and by taking medication that your doctor prescribes.

We have all heard the stories of a very healthy person out for their daily five mile jog, just drop dead. Studies have found that in many of these cases it was due to untreated high blood pressure. If you are taking high blood pressure medicine that does not mean that your blood pressure is where it should be on the charts. Your medication should always be monitored by your family doctor. Everyday we take on new stresses and with that come’s more pressure. Some people are good at hiding their stress….until a suddenly a stroke takes all that pressure away. There are some people that believe that high blood pressure is a fact of life, some feel that there is no avoiding it in our world.

That is simply not true. If you do what your doctor tells you and you follow a healthy lifestyle you could prove yourself wrong.

Symptoms > High Blood Pressure Symptoms