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Drugs and Alcohol and the Effects on Teen Health

Teen Health > Drugs and Alcohol and the Effects on Teen Health

Every teen will at one point be faced with peer pressure to try drugs or alcohol. One can only hope that their parents have instilled in them the sense of right and wrong and raised a child that can say “NO”. Unfortunately every year the number of deaths of teens due to alcohol and drugs in United States and Canada raise.

At some stage in our lives, most people experiment with alcohol or drugs, or both. Being curious about life and all it's offerings is perfectly normal. However, it's vital you know what you're getting into when making choices relating to alcohol and drugs. The effects on teen health are staggering.Withdrawing and going cold turkey is not really a option and rehab centers are often the only solution.

Alcohol and drugs studies on a teenage health have shown that both kill brain cells, and do damage to vital organs like their liver. Being under the influence of drugs and alcohol have taken thousand of lives, both of those that are taking them and innocent people that did not see it coming.

And still parents allowing their teens to drink and experiment with drugs in the family home. Not only is doing drugs illegal it is illegal for minors to purchase alcohol.

What we should be teaching the teen of this generation is there are the possibilities of becoming addicted, damaging your health, neglecting friends and relationships, losing your interests, and breaking the law. These are all factors that you need to weigh before trying alcohol or drugs. In order to purchase alcohol you need to be 19 in Canada, otherwise both you and the supplier are breaking the law. While there has been recent in roads towards decriminalizing cannabis (or marijuana) it still remains illegal with many other drugs. With the increasing number of “grow houses “in Canada, the availability of this drug is great. Another concern for teenagers is the new “date rape”drug. It can not only lead to sexual assault it can cause black outs and lead a teenager in a vulenerable state.

Teen Health > Drugs and Alcohol and the Effects on Teen Health