How Excessive Dieting Effects Teen Health

Over the years the mental health community has explained two of the five types of excessive dieting or (Deadly Diet) in teen health as anorexia and bulimia. The main characteristics of anorexia vary from a strong sense of being obese, which doesn't leave this state of mind knowing when weight loss is present. Many claim that they feel fat even though they are clearly skinny. Some excessive dieting weight loss can lead to more than 25 percent of the beginning body weight. Some teen people with excessive diets have lost a lot of weight even though there is no known illness affecting teen health.

Anytime a teen starves the body and says that it is a diet, is robbing the body of important nutrients it is affecting teen health. With the body not getting all the proper nutrition, teen health can become greatly effected.

Studies have shown that the immune system can shut down leaving the body weak to fight of infections and illness. Teen Cancer and AIDS patients would never be able to fight off even the common cold in this excessive state of teen health. Excessive dieting can make the muscles and bones unprotected to injury. The worst of the physical problems associated with this in teen health is the potential for an electrolyte imbalance. This is often related to having to low of potassium in the body. Extremely low potassium is one of the main factors that contribute to the causes of nocturnal cardiac arrest, many cases of the deaths by cardiac arrest are from excessive dieting in teen health.

The most disturbing facts about excessive dieting with teen health is the fact that there are many warning signs. Hunger and fatigue are strongly and boldly denied. Many teens even go to great lengths to hoard foods that they did not eat. Like hiding high calorie sweets in the closet even though they didn't eat it. Many medical problems arise from teen people not eating like dizziness, numbness to the feet and hands, dehydration, and low blood pressure. Kidney failure and heart irregularities are not uncommon do to the depletion of potassium and extreme nutritional imbalance and excessive dieting. Even though these problems are all happening to a teen and health is undergoing many problems, they don't want any help, mainly because that would mean they would have to eat something.

Unfortunately this compromising teen health means some teens die. Many studies estimate that the death rate to be between two and twenty one percent.

Many diet pills are out there to make a teen feel like they don't have to eat any more. More often these so called diet pills need to pulled of the shelf and the FDA has made attempts to do just that. Teen health can be greatly affected by these so called all natural wonder miracle pills. A lot of them promise to shed of pounds and give you energy, but many studies show they don't work and teen health should not be affected anymore than it already is by malnutrition.

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