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Liquid Vitamins

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For many people their diets lack the necessary vitamins. So they are told to take a vitamin supplement. There are many over the counter varieties, and your doctor should be the one to guide you to the one that is right for your needs. Some people take too many vitamins and some times it is of little or no benefit to the person. A person with low iron in their blood should not go out and take double doses of iron tablets, without the recommendation of their doctor. Too much iron can give you long term side effects.

So you now have the right vitamins that your body is lacking and you head to the health food store only to find out that not only is there hundred of vitamin tabs on the shelf the size of the tablet has you choking just at the mere sight of it. What do you do it you can’t swallow the horse size pills that fill the bottles in front of you? Don’t panic. In days of old you would have to smash the pills into small pieces and mix them in something to get them down. However you now have the option of taking the vitamins in liquid form. Yay!

Although not all vitamins come in liquid form many do. It is believed that liquid vitamins are not only easier to swallow but they get into you system much faster.

The problem with liquid vitamins is the taste. They have an awful taste that seems to stay in your mouth for a long time after taking them. Well the children liquid vitamins come in cherry and bubble gum flavors that they seem to like , the adult ones come in natural flavors. I would strongly suggest a large glass of water afterwards, perhaps this is why they get into your systems at a much faster rate? Whether you take liquid or pill form of vitamins please remember to keep them out of reach of children.

vitamins And Minerals > > Liquid Vitamins