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Childbirth- A Wonderful Experience

Womens Health > Childbirth- A Wonderful Experience

The process of childbirth can be at home, in a hospital or in specific birth centers. You can decide on the choice and accordingly prepare for the D-day. Similarly, you can decide on having an obstetrician in the hospital, a nurse-cum-midwife in your home or hospital or a doula who specializes in providing you with the necessary support during childbirth.

Generally, most of the couples attend the preparatory childbirth classes to cope up with labor and delivery and with very little medical help. The most important point in consideration is the unpredictable labor pain, which differs from woman to woman. You may need certain pain killer injections in the lower parts of the body to numb the area in order to get relief from the pain.

A human childbirth begins with 40 to 90 seconds contractions of the uterus, every ten to thirty minutes. This is in synchronization with the bursting of the amniotic sac. The long muscles of the uterus contract from the top onwards and the length dwindles at the end, all the while the cervix is working towards the head of the baby. The powerful contractions of the abdomen combine with the uterine contractions to push out the head of the baby slowly through the birth canal.

As soon as the baby is born, its cardiac system starts functioning independently. Problems may arise when you are not able to cope with the much-needed effort to push out your baby or if the baby’s head is not able to pass through the birth canal. In the last phase, the uterus pushes out the placenta along with some discharge of blood. Expelling of the entire placenta will protect you from the danger of infections and hemorrhage in the postnatal period.

The childbirth is a wonderful experience for the parents. This is the reason behind many women preferring to have the same in familiar surroundings like a special room in their own house, etc.

Womens Health > Childbirth- A Wonderful Experience