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Different Contraception Methods

Womens Health > Different Contraception Methods

When you implement different methods to stop the sexual intercourse from culminating into a pregnancy, it is contraception. Of course, it is essential for you to decide at first whether you are comfortable into having a sexual relationship with your partner. Unprotected sex can lead you to unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Hence, first you need to decide upon the type of contraception necessary to give you the maximum protection.

There are many different types of male and female contraceptive methods. The most common form of contraception is the condoms and birth control pills. All such contraceptive methods affect the health of both the sexual partners. The male condom covers up the penis while the female condom is in a perfect position inside the vagina. You can also use caps and diaphragms for the cervix area.

Although hormones are the internal and natural secretions of the body, some artificial hormones act as effective tools of contraception. They are your safe bets against pregnancies but not against sexual diseases and infections. A very natural method to evade pregnancy is to be able to gauge your fertile days with the help of your body temperature and the mucus of the cervix so that you can use condoms during the period.

Certain instruments of contraception are the intrauterine methods, which need insertion and placement through the vagina and the cervix to prevent pregnancy. However, a permanent method for the prevention of pregnancy is the sterilization method where the doctors operate and cut or seal the fallopian tubes permanently. Similarly, in vasectomy, the doctors disconnect or cut the sperm carrying tubes from the testes to the penis.

The methods of contraception are all artificial. However, before entering into any sexual relationship with any individual, you need to think over whether it is the right time to indulge into sex and the main question is whether your partner is the right person for you. Otherwise, there is no use crying over spilled milk.

Womens Health > Different Contraception Methods