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Osteoporosis Effects on Women’s Health

Womens Health > Osteoporosis Effects on Women’s Health

Osteoporosis is a progressive skeletal disease characterized by low bone density, bone fragility, and susceptibility to hip, spine, and wrist fractures. Generally found in women over 50 this condition is now being seen in younger women. This condition develops without warning signs. Most people with osteoporosis do not realize they have the disease until a minor fall results in a broken hip, wrist, or vertebra.

During childhood and early adulthood, bone formation exceeds bone reabsorption. By age 35, men and women reach and maintain maximum bone density and strength, called peak bone mass. After the age of 40 or so, resorption exceeds formation, and gradual bone loss begins.

In menopausal women in their fifties, bone loss increases rapidly. During menopause, estrogen production decreases, which increases the rate of bone resorption. Some women experience a rate of trabecular bone loss that is 4 times greater than before menopause. Doctor’s recommend women over the age of 45 get a bond density test that will determine the rate of bone loss. This should be monitored and a calcium supplement may be administered to help aid in this condition. During menopause, bone loss in the spine is especially at risk.

After menopause, the rate of resorption slows. In severe cases, accrued bone loss can be up to 50%. Well we all know the importance of calcium in our diets, it is an aging disease that can make bones very brittle. Osteoporosis is the leading cause of hip fractures in the elderly.

Your yearly physical at the doctors should also include a bone scan to show the bone loss that has incurred . A calcium supplement should be taken by every women and it is never to early to start taking one.

Healthy bones are essential to a healthy life as we age. Fact is that as we grow older our bones loose their strength. Don’t wait until you break a bone before you start paying attention to them.

Womens Health > Osteoporosis Effects on Women’s Health