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PMS is the short name for Pre-menstrual Syndrome. Many women are effected by this on a monthly basis. Women experience many symptoms that can effect their personal and professional life. There are documented cases of crimes being committed and the courts allowing PMS as a defense. Even with the medical profession backing this condition some still wonder if it is all in a women’s head.

Women may experience emotional and physical changes prior to menstruation. The medical term for these changes is "premenstrual syndrome," commonly called PMS. More than 150 symptoms are associated with PMS, ranging from breast tenderness to nausea to anger and irritability.

Premenstrual emotional and physical changes occur in nearly 80% of menstruating women. The symptoms vary from woman to woman and from cycle to cycle. Their intensity ranges from mild to extreme. Well many women claim that they don’t have noticeable symptoms, it is said that women learn to deal with PMS some better then others. Medical studies reveal 20% to 40% of women who have PMS experience symptoms that make life difficult and 2.5% to 5% experience PMS that is debilitating.

It is not clear what causes premenstrual syndrome. Combinations of physiological, genetic, nutritional, and behavioral factors play a huge part in this condition . Strangely there is not test to determine if a women is experiencing PMS. Doctors use other tests to rule out other conditions in women who experience severe symptoms. Emotional and physical changes that are in sync with a woman’s menstrual cycle are usually a telltale sign. PMS can be treated in a variety of ways. The initial and usually most effective treatment involves non-medical

Any women that is experiencing PMS can tell you that it is not in their head, and that it is know laughing matter. PMS can be managed and suffers will find that everyone will breath easier everyday of your cycle.

Womens Health > PMS- Women’s Health