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The Evaluation of Common Breast Problem

Womens Health > The Evaluation of Common Breast Problem

The female organ, breast, contains fatty tissue and each of the two might have a slight variation of size and shape. The nipple is at the centre of the breast and areola is the surrounding area. There is a widespread network of milk ducts and glands within the organ. While nursing, these come together to hold the milk and then supply through the nipple.

There are many arteries and veins spreading all throughout the breast, which supply pure blood and take away impure blood respectively. The nerves of this region come from the nerves of the neck and the spinal nerves are in the lower portions. The chest muscles underneath form a cushion for the breastbone. The lymphatic vessels form many such nodes near the edges. The connective tissue forms a wall between the tissue of the region and the muscles of the chest.

You can use nipple cups for the inverted breast nipples during the lactation period. Some women might have a few strands of dark hair in the outside border area of areola; these are the nipple hair. Some of them may have lumpy organs while some may have non-lumpy and soft organs. Some of the lumps might be solid while some may have some water within it.

One of the most common diseases of breast is breast cancer. Breast cancer usually has various warning signs such as a newly inverted nipple, new lumps in the organ (however, all lumps are not cancerous) etc. The cancerous cells may pass through the veins on the surface area to the lungs and may form tumors there. Sometimes they may pass through the vertebral veins and spread into the bones.

At times, the ducts around the breast region contain fluids, which might be green, blue or yellow in color. These form blocks in the region. They are at times very painful. Your doctor will insert a syringe and drain out the fluids from the region. Although the fluid in cysts disappears when the water content is drained, some may contain blood, which needs examination in the laboratory.

Womens Health > The Evaluation of Common Breast Problem