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Various Methods of Birth Control

Womens Health > Various Methods of Birth Control

Birth control, also called contraception, is any procedure used to prevent pregnancy. Most women can conceive from menarche (when they get their first period) until late forties. By adopting a birth control, a woman can choose whether or when to plan a pregnancy.

Various birth control methods are available. Their choice depends upon personal preferences, health status, frequency at which you have a sexual intercourse and whether or not you want kids in the future. Some birth control procedures are more efficient than others are. While choosing a procedure, you should first determine how reliable it is and if it really suits your everyday life or not. For instance, if you are a single woman, an unwanted pregnancy might overwhelm you. Therefore, you perhaps, would want a highly efficient birth control method.

Some of the important birth control methods include:

Hormonal methods: These are highly reliable and use a combination of estrogen and progestin hormones or progestin only in the form of pills, rings, shots, and patches.

Intrauterine device: This is a small T-shaped device, which is fitted in a woman’s uterus to avoid pregnancy. It is quite effective but can lead to heavier and longer period.

Barrier methods: These include condoms, cervical caps, diaphragms, sponges, Lea's shield, and spermicides. These are not very reliable and you should them with another birth control method to increase affectivity.

Fertility awareness: This is a birth control and involves refraining from sex during fertile times of menstrual cycle (12-14th day, when ovulation is expected).

Sterilization: In case you are determined that you do not want children in future, you can go for sterilization procedures like vasectomy or tubal legation to acquire permanent prevention of pregnancy.

Although most birth control methods are harmless, but in case of certain health problems, you might need to refrain from some of these methods. For instance, if you have heart problems, hypertension, and advanced diabetes or if you are 35 or older, hormonal methods may not be appropriate for you. In case you are nursing, you should avoid using combined hormonal birth control, but can use progestin-only methods. Thus, before beginning with birth control, thoroughly discuss with your doctor.

Womens Health > Various Methods of Birth Control