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Women and Body Image

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Images of beauty and attractiveness vary, but generally women who are young, tall and thin are presented as the ideal. What if you are not the ideal?

There has been a backlash in recent years against media depictions of beauty. The good news is that this backlash has created a climate in which women are more supported to accept themselves as they are. This new culture supports a sense of self-worth and value that springs from within.

Still, diet and anti-aging products and services (e.g. plastic surgery) comprise a multi-billion dollar industry. What are we looking for? Chances are it won’t be found in a bottle or under a knife. While there are obvious benefits to looking and feeling your best, preoccupation with this focus can take us away from the more important goal of self-actualization.

Bodies come in a variety of types and sizes. Each of us is different. For most, no amount of diet or exercise will result in model figures. Even models lament the shape and size of certain body parts. The measure of a woman is not in the tape, (i.e. tape measures) it is in the mind and the doing.

Your attitude plays a big part in positive body image. As you think, so it is. If the dialogue in your head constantly swirls around your perceived inadequacy, redirect the conversation. Absolutely, no one is perfect and absolutely everyone has something to offer. Is it your ability to organize, stretch a dollar, or recite facts on the revolutionary war? Deflect focus from your liabilities by accepting them and building on your assets. Don’t know what they are? Ask trusted friends and loved ones to help you make a list of things that make you great. You might even consider compiling a brag book. In it friends can write about all the things they find in you to like, love and admire.

Womens Health > Women and Body Image