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Women and Sex

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Attitudes about women and sexual activity have changed a great deal in the last forty years. Birth control, increased employment, economic and educational opportunities, (because they often result in delayed marriage) and other factors have contributed to a sexual revolution of sorts.

Cultural changes (think Sex and the City) are reflected in women’s increasing freedom to enjoy sex outside of the confines of marriage. Whether or not you are married, it is important to understand that you should always have a choice about sex. Ideally, sex should only happen between consenting adults in a mutually respectful relationship. The decision should be made together, and should not involve coercion, manipulation or pressure of any kind. It is also important for both parties to monitor and discuss expectations. Having sex does not necessarily cement a relationship or indicate feelings of love.

Sexual activity demands a degree of responsibility. Look for the best methods to protect against HIV, sexually transmitted diseases (such as gonorrhea), sexually transmitted infections (such as Chlamydia), and unwanted pregnancies. These include condoms, birth control and partner communication (do not be afraid to ask about HIV status, your HIV status may depend on it).

Cultural changes have also opened the doors for frank conversations about sex. Women are being encouraged to talk about what pleases them rather than accept labels such as frigid or non-orgasmic. Talk with your partner openly about sex. If possible, plan the conversation for a time that will not be fettered by interruptions. Experts also advise that you take the conversation outside of the bedroom so that you do not “contaminate” that space.

Broach the conversation with an eye toward finding resolution rather than assigning blame or assuming guilt. Working through sexual issues together can facilitate increased closeness and result in increased sexual satisfaction for both partners.And if you don't have a partner but are feeling the need to experiment in a moment of passion, you should go out and meet new sex date online.

Conversations about sex should not be limited to partners and girlfriends. It is also important to be honest with your healthcare professional about your sexual habits. This information can help her or him provide you with informed advice, diagnosis and treatment, if necessary.

Womens Health > Women and Sex