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Women’s Health issues

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Women are faced with many health issues as they age. This is not something mothers tell their daughters…at least mine did not. We all know that every month we go through menustration which in itself would be enough to send men to bed for a month or two.

But over the years we learn (most of us do) to deal with this for we have little choice right/? Well that is not really true, some doctors prescribe the birth control bill to make that time of the month lighter, and in some cases disappear completely. And the bonus is that we won’t get pregnant either. Now that leads us to the number of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) that the pill does not protect us against. So you use a condom when having sex, but did you know latex can lead to a yeast infection? And as an added bonus the condom does not protect you form some STD like genital

STD’s can lead to ovarian cancer and if this not detected at a very early stage, the survival rate is very low. We are blessed ( or so man think) with two breast that we must check every month for new lumps and bumps, dimples or color changes…and if we are lucky we will not find any. However if we do we must go and get it drained and perhaps cut out. Then comes the long wait to hear if you

Then of course as we get even older we have the change of life to look forward too. We will loose our periods (yay) but then our bodies will change and hormones will disappear making our bones brittle ( unless we have taken our vitamins over the years) the decision to take hormone replacement therapy will have to be made…at what cost the doctor will not say. Choosing not too can lead to mood swings, crying fits, and hot

Womens Health > Women’s Health issues