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Women’s Sexual Health

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It starts when we are in our teens. The monthly visitor that comes and tells us that we are now fertile. However women know that having a period makes us feel anything but fertile. However we now can give birth. Parents everywhere pray their child will wait until “they are ready” to my father that was when I turned fifty. (smile) Once a women starts to have intercourse she is now blessed with the physical that includes a pap test. This is not fun, don’t care what anyone says…paper gowns, cold tables and metal stirrups a and let not forget the cold instrument that allows access to the most inner part of a women’s body. I know this is necessary however it is NOT FUN.

We choose our parteners now not only of love, but from the clean medical test that tell you he does not have an sexual transmitted diseases, and of course let us not forget the one test that everyone that has had a sexual past should have done. The AIDES test. You only need to be infected once, and no amount of love will change this life destroying disease.

Ok you made it through all the joys of a women’s sexual journey…smooth sailing right? Wrong. The joys of child birth are right around the corner and you and your husband are filled with joy and…morning sickness, headaches, cravings, stretch marks and swallow feet. And that my friend is merely the start of your journey on becoming a mother. Soon you will be ready to bring your child into the world. Remember the first time you had intercourse and your innocent belief that “it would not fit” Get ready for the average baby carried to term is at least five pounds. The big day comes and you tell the doctor you want to have a natural child birth, that is until you feel like you insides are ripping apart and you then you gladly scream for the needle that will take away the pain. And the needle does. But if you do not lay completely still while the big blessed needle slips into your spine you

There is nothing like giving birth to your own child. Being a women is not so bad you think as you hold your child for the first time. Perhaps being a women is not so hard after all.

Womens Health > Women’s Sexual Health