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Overcoming Male Infertility

Mens Health > Overcoming Male Infertility

It is a wonderful process when a healthy sperm of a male fertilizes the ova of a female during sexual intercourse, giving life to a new being within the female’s womb. However, when the male sperm is not healthy or mobile enough, it causes male infertility, as it is not able to fertilize the healthy ova. Many more reasons cause male infertility though most of them can be set right with proper medication.Some herbal remedies such as VigraPlus claim to help men with their sexual health

The testicles are the male reproductive organs containing sperms. The contractions in the muscles bring out the sperms through small tubular structures and mix them with seminal and other fluids from the prostate gland. This smooth content eases out through a long tube, passes through the urethra and ejaculates out of the penis. This needs to be strong enough to reach the destination-the fallopian tube in the female-to fertilize the ova. The male infertility springs up from the

The quality of the sperm is of utmost importance. Sometimes there may be no sperm in the semen or the number of sperms may be less due to problems with the testicles. The sperm should have a healthy form; the tail should be strong enough to make its way successfully into the fallopian tube. The male infertility stems out of a host of causes like injuries, serious diseases like jaundice and diabetes, infections and at times, certain

The doctors conduct male infertility tests to determine the cause and extent of the infertility to suggest proper treatment. These include checking the semen for any deficiencies, finding out the level of reproductive hormones in the blood, whether the inner tubular network is fine enough for the sperm ejaculation and of course the position of

Though the sperm quality is individualistic, medications and therapies can help to minimize male infertility and fertilize the egg in medical laboratories for later ’s womb.

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Mens Health > Overcoming Male Infertility