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Reasons behind Circumcision

Mens Health > Reasons behind Circumcision

Circumcision is a surgical procedure in which prepuce or foreskin of the penis is removed. It is a religious practice in Judaism and Islam. Therefore, Jews and Muslims have been practicing it for thousands of years. However, in US due to medical purposes circumcision had become a common practice around fifty years back. Pediatricians and obstetricians used to do it to young boys as a routine operation. However, this procedure has decreased tremendously. The data shows that it has come down to foreskin restoration

The medical reasons behind circumcision are to prevent UTI (Urinary tract infection), penile cancer, phimosis and sexually transmitted diseases (STD), etc. Although studies indicate that circumcision prevents these ailments. However, the percentage change is very low, which can be in any way achieved by proper education and training about health & hygiene. Even in men who are not circumcised, penile cancer and phimosis are very rare. As per the American Academy of Pediatrics, the medical benefits of circumcision do not provide any strong and valid reason to continue it as a routine practice.

Infants with some kind of deformities of penis and testicles are poor candidates for circumcision. Infants suffering from hydrocele or hernia may also develop complications by circumcision. It is better to wait than to operate an infant because it becomes a minor procedure for older boys and men.

In case of infants, the procedure of circumcision is quite painful as the foreskin of the penis is being pulled with the help of a clamp. This clamp is specially designed for performing this job as it stops the blood flow from the blood vessels supplying blood to the foreskin. However, in older males only an incision on the base is sufficient. After the incision, the foreskin is craw fished out and cut at the tip. The stitches are required to close the edges of the torn skin.

Circumcision affects young boys physically as well as psychologically. Besides pain, in later life they feel that they are deprived of something because circumcision ends 75% of the sensitivity of the penis. So it is better to make circumcision a personal choice rather than imposing it on an How to enlarge your manhood.

Mens Health > Reasons behind Circumcision