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Anticipated Average Weight Loss

Weight loss resulting from these procedures varies according to the type of procedure. On average, our patients maintain weight loss as follows:

Procedures Years Post-Op Common Channel Excess Weight Loss
Duodenal Switch-Biliopancreatic Diversion 10 30"-40" 78%*
Distal Gastric Bypass 5 59" or less 89%
Medial Gastric Bypass 5 60"-80" 75%
Proximal Gastric Bypass (Lap) 4 200" 70%*
Adjustable Gastric Band (Lap) 3 N/A 72%
Vertical Banded Gastroplasty 7 N/A 54%
Revisionary Surgery 5 Varies 92%

Please note that estimated weight loss is dependent on several factors and is not meant to be a guarantee of your weight loss.

Weight loss results following surgery are dependent upon how effectively you follow the recommended program.

*These figures are reported/observed. Research on our patients is not completed to date.