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Lab Work

LIFE-LONG lab work is very important in monitoring your progress and allowing us to provide proper medical care for you.

Procedure During Weight Loss Stage Within First Year of Surgery Stable Weight Achieved**
Distal Gastric Bypass & Duodenal Switch-Bilopancreatic Diversion Every 3 months Every 6 months N/A
Medial Gastric Bypass Every 3 months Every 6 months N/A
Proximal Gastric Bypass Every 3 months Every 6 months N/A
Adjustable Gastric Band Every 6 months Every 6 months Once a year* See Below
Vertical Banded Gastroplasty Every 6 months Every 6 months N/A

The lab work schedule begins 3 months during the weight loss stage, starting three months from your surgery date. Thereafter, every 6 months life-long.

We can provide lab requests if you are outside our local area or if your insurance requires you go to a "preferred" lab. Make sure the lab sends us the results.

*In addition to the regular lab work, the Adjustable Band patient must have an upper GI with barium swallow test once a year.

We have found that those patients who adhere to this follow-up program do very well in their weight loss and maintenance of good health.

For your success, it is imperative that you comply with this scheduled follow-up program, which includes the scheduled appointments after surgery and lab work. We encourage that you track these on your calendar to stay current.