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Weight Loss Story - Gastric Bypass

Vik - "I became hopeful and exicted about life"

I had given up hope of ever looking decent again. I had been on all the diets, fasts and pills. A friend looking at my personal library told me once that she had never seen a more extensive diet book collection. It's true! I had spent 25 years researching weight loss, but nothing worked. Sure, I would lose some weight, but after a while I would gain it back. Plus, it was getting worse and worse until I could not take more than five steps without stopping for air.

One doctor told me, with my heart so enlarged, that if I did nothing I would be dead in two years. The misery was extensive and depressing. Especially when my body started to shut down. I kept hearing that my life was in danger because of my obesity. I had to make a change. That's when I decided to review the option of surgery. I spoke with many of Dr.Fox's patients, each with nothing but positive things to say. I decided to go for it.

After my decision was made, and with the help of the patient advocate as well as the support of the whole team, I lost over 200 pounds in 20 months. As I came to my new set point and adjusted to my new stomach, I became hopeful and excited about life.

I am now at ease with my size. I enjoy shopping for clothes. (No more 4x or plus sizes!) I'm now a comfortable size 8. Even my shoe size has gone down! I feel so much better about myself; it's very obvious to anyone who knows me. I have a new opportunity in life.

I sense the confidence and acceptance of others. I am very thankful to Dr. Fox and his team of experts for saving my life.