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Weight Loss Story - Gastric Bypass

Sue - "At 54 years old my life is just beginning."

Have you ever made the cry for help? I HAVE! I know what it is like to feel like a complete failure, that nothing in your life is right. You have no self-confidence. You have no self-esteem. You hate the way you look, in fact you hate everything about yourself… and that's a secret. Nobody really knows how you feel. You put a false outwardly smile on your face and act happy so nobody will know of your torment. You learn to dress to hide your fat. You learn to use make-up so people will see a beautiful face and not look any further. You become an expert at hiding. What a fake!

10 years ago I called Dr. Fox's office out of desperation. I no longer wanted to be fake. I wanted to be me. I was starting a new life and I needed a new me to go with it...A TOTALLY NEW ME! I could work on the inside, but boy did I need help on the outside.

Now, I am not one for surgery. In fact, I usually faint at the sight of a needle. Dr. Fox understood my background and knowing my medical history, gave me an opportunity to become part of an experiment called "Gastric Banding." It was not as drastic a surgery as some solutions are; however, I knew it was an experiment. Its placement did not have to be permanent and it could be removed if necessary. I thought this could work for me.

Now let me tell you, I had no support from my family and friends. All I ever heard from them was "push yourself away from the table," "get control of your eating," "just stop eating," and "don't eat that." You know the comments!

Making a long story short, I had my surgery and as in most experiments, some things needed to be improved. Finally, with everything working like it was supposed to, I began to lose weight. I felt wonderful. Even when things did not go right, I never gave up. I believed in the concept and I wanted it to work. This idea of being a "guinea pig " was a better idea than a big pig. I lost 117 lbs. and I feel wonderful. At 54 years old my life is just beginning.

Would I do it all again? YOU BET! The manufacturer and the doctors all learned from my surgery and others like it. They have improved the product and technique. I've talked to so many patients who are truly happy now with their new lives! Here's smiling at a new life for you and a skinnier you!!!