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Food Allergies

Jerry's Story with Food Allergies

Jerry was a handful from the time he was born. He turned over early, walked early and talked early. I always knew he was different than my friends kids, but when I said anything to my pediatrician, she just said that he was all boy.

He started junior kindergarten at 4, and the teacher started sending notes home about his behavior. He was acting up in class, not paying attention, not following directions, and being a bully to the other children in class. I was having problems with him at home. I could not find a form of discipline that would work with him. I could not give him more than one thing to do at a time. He was mean to his little brother and he would not let anyone get close to him emotionally. He would let me hug him or kiss him, but it was like a chore for him to endure.

When school said something had to be done about his behavior, I went back to my pediatrician. She sent us to a psychologist. They did an interview and did some tests and after 20 minutes, told my husband and me he was ADHD. He also said that this is just the way he was, and we would have to learn how to deal with him by gong to parenting classes. He also recommended Ritalin. My pediatrician called a couple of days later and also tried to convince me that Ritalin was the best way to go.

I had already known many children on this drug and knew of the many side effects and that it doesn't always help. I also knew he may be calmer, but there was no proof that it would make him learn better. I also had no intention of drugging my child up to make a teacher happy.

He went to kindergarten and 1st grade with the same problems. I kept a very close eye on him and tried to be very patient. The problems only seemed to get worse. His 1st grade teacher suggested the possibility of a learning disorder because of his reading problems. He was also spending two hours or more per night doing 20 minutes worth of homework. Also, his handwriting was not improving.

At the beginning of 2nd grade, I requested he be tested for a learning disorder. I was told, while I was waiting for the test results, to go to the Parent Resource Center to get information about learning disabilities, ADHD and assertive discipline. The people at the center gave me several books to read. They asked me if my son had food allergies. I had always known that every time the doctor gave him a prescription and said it would put him to sleep, it always hyped him up. The woman gave me Help For the Hyperactive Child by Dr. William Crook.

I read the book and felt that this book had been written about my child. At the end of the book, there is a diet you are to follow to see if your child has these food allergies. I decided to try it for a few days. After three days, my husband asked me if I had noticed how good Jerry had been all weekend. I told him about the diet I had put him on. He said "If it makes him act this good, let's keep him on it." So I did, for the next week.

After that week, he was behaving so much better, I decided to give him something back just like the books said. This tests what he may be allergic to. So I gave him peanuts. He immediately became so hyperactive that my husband and I didn't know what to do. He stayed this way for three days. After seeing this reaction, I knew I had found something important.

I told my pediatrician what had happened. She said there was no such thing as food allergies. I then spoke to his teacher and asked her about his behavior during the time he had been on the diet. She said that his behavior was much better and that his handwriting had improved. I then contacted several other pediatricians and found one who believed in food allergies.

The new doctor saw Jerry's dark circles under his eyes and his eczema and told me this was from severe allergies. He had blood tests done. They showed that he was four times more allergic than that of a normal person. This pediatrician then sent us to an allergist. The allergist tested him, and it showed that he was allergic to everything. What do you feed a kid allergic to everything? I had to find out by giving him one food back every two weeks and wait for a reaction. The doctor also put him on allergy shots.

He was steadily improving at home and at school. His LD testing was completed. They said that he was above average in intelligence, but hat he was dyslexic. His teachers also spoke to us about how much progress he had made since we had started the diet. They also said that his behavior was at an acceptable level. We continued the diet and allergy shots, but occasionally he would have a relapse. This would be very upsetting for all of us, including Jerry.

I decided to try some vitamins. I learned that B complex calms and C helps the body fight allergies. He already was taking a natural multi-vitamin and sucking on zinc lozenges. But at a support group meeting I heard about the benefits of Evening of Primrose, Efamol brand and the dosage amount. I had taken this myself, but found I had not taken enough to help.

I started him on it and over a period of time, realized he had not had any relapses. His teacher noticed also. At the end of the school year, she mentioned that his behavior was not a problem and that his school work had improved. At home his homework was now being completed in 10 to 15 minutes. He was reading and writing. He was getting along with other children as well as with his little brother. He was able to follow multiple directions. He also liked for me to hug and kiss him, and he hugged and kissed back.

We had lived for so many years where discipline did not work with him, and now it does. We put him in sports, but he would never try. He now likes sports and hold a gold medal in swimming championships. He also won most improved for his age group out of seven teams.

Our whole life is better now. We now have the son we always knew was there, but so much was clouding his life. You didn't get to see him very often. His school no long considers him ADHD, and he never had to go on drugs. He can even go off his diet every now and then without any bad reactions.

The cloud has now been lifted from him and from our family. God has answered our prayers.