Herbs have magnificent healing powers and can be used to treat many serious yet common ailments and to boost your health.

Nutritional Therapy

The proper function of nutrition is to correct the supply of natural foodstuffs to provide the body with sufficient nutrient requirements to maintain good and vigorous health and also to restore this state when a lapse has occurred.

Nutrition influences every single aspect of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being. When the nutrients we need are supplied in just the correct amounts and proportions to maintain the health of our body, they are classified as food nutrients. When the body an be induced to exceed these intakes, they become therapy nutrients. The only difference is in quantity. When we understand the minimum and optimum body requirements and also the safe therapeutic requirements for all our body's nutrients, we can make

Nutritional Therapy accesses all the cells of the body for treatment, rather than just the ones involved in the presenting symptoms.

Nutritional therapists start by tracing the 'disease picture' through several generations, confirming inherited weaknesses and the suppressive measures used in the past. For the first time, perhaps, patients see that there is a connection between all their symptoms and feel the energy and impetus to bring about their own healing through nutrition.

Practitioners give their patients enough information to change the picture immediately. With nutritional advice, a change of diet and naturopathic techniques, the body immediately feels less stressed. At the same time, the practitioner embarks on changing the biochemistry so that these improvements are permanent.

Ancient naturopathic and hydrotherapy techniques are used which provide gentle tools to aid movement and detoxification. When this cleansing has taken place, nutritional supplements are used to return the body gradually to normal, rather than to correct deficiencies.

Nutritional Therapists tracks their patients' healing process to ensure that release of toxins occurs comfortably through the natural routes of elimination and that no stagnation occurs. Using ancient naturopathic techniques, the nutritional therapist is able to sustain the movement and clearing, ensuring that a healing crisis does not take place and that the toxins do not settle in a new area within the body.

Using diet, nutrition advice and supplements, the practitioner helps the patient to respond to natural influences. Major influences such as moon phases, seasonal changes, equinoxes and solstices, are able to produce more cleansing and change than any practitioner or supplementation.