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Chronic Muscle Fatigue - Fibromyalgia

About Chronic Fatigue

Little is know about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or (CFS); its causes are unclear and is diagnosed by ruling out other diseases. CFS affects people of all ages, sexes, and races, although 75 percent of those who have been diagnosed are women.
Treatmen of CFS is typically plenty of rest, a healhful diet, and gentle exercise. Doctors may prescribe antidepressants and over-the-counter pain medications to lessen symptoms.

Signs and symptoms of CFS:

Fatigue that is not a result of exertion and that interferes with daily activites, is not relieved by rest, and conitinues for six months or longer.
More than 24 hours of weakness and fatigue following moderate exercise (sometimes this fatigue may occur one or two days later).
Sore throat.

Low fever (up to 101 degrees) or chills.
Painful lymph nodes.
Headaches that feel different than those you have had in the past.
Pains that spread to joints but do not cause redness or swelling.
Temporary blind spots or sensitivity to light.
Difficulty sleeping.
Difficulty thinking, concentrating, and remembering.
Confusion and irritability.


Are you one of the many who suffer with Fibromyalgia? Do you have undiagnosed chronic muscle fatigue? Fibromyalgia is somewhat difficult to diagnosis and treat. Those suffering from fibromyalgia have pain at specific tender points. Pain seems to be primarily in the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fasciae. They generally have high levels of the chemical pain messenger substance P probably resulting in high sensitivity to pain and are frequently are in pain even when they are still. You may what to check for parasites and candida. They are often present in chronic conditions.
Sleep disturbances are very common; they often wake as fatigued as when they went to bed. They seem to not reach the deep, restorative sleep where tissue repair usually occurs. For many, the fatigue and pain is greatest in the morning.

There is no quick fix. Examine the suggestions below and try what you think is right for you.

Strategies for Management

Exercise & Relaxation

Include some aerobic exercise every day. Begin with what you can reasonably do. Walk, swim, or bicycle for 5 minutes. If you can't walk around the house for 5 continuous minutes, try two minutes. Increase your time by no more than 1 - 5 minutes a week, gradually working up to 30 minutes a day.

Because this challenge is often accompanied by sleep disturbances, it is very important to rest and relax during the day. Put your feet up and read a good book or close your eyes. Try a gentle massage. Practice meditation.

Diet Suggestions

Herbs Other Supplements

Flax Seed Oil
Omega-3 Fatty Acids
St. John's Wort
Super Supplemental Vitamins & Minerals
Una de Gato

Eat Fish or Supplement

Eat at least two 3-ounce servings of fatty fish - mackerel, salmon, tuna - each week. They provide omega-3 fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory properties. If you would rather not eat fish, you may want to try Flax Seed Oil.

Limit Saturated Fat

Limit your daily intake of saturated fat to 7 percent. More interferes with the anti-inflammatory action of the omega-3 and omega-6 oils in the fish and flaxseed. Limit consumption of red meat to control saturated fat and also to control arachadonic acid which may cause inflammation.

Avoid Alcohol & Caffeine

Avoid or limit alcohol and caffeine. They both often contribute to sleep disturbances. Try including lots of water in your diet to help eliminate toxins.


There is limited treatment and medication for fibromyalgia. Tramadol however, is a non narcotic pain reliever that has been certified and recommended to many. Tramadol functions like an opiate, meaning it cuts of the brains pain receptors from sending notification that the body is in pain. Fibromyalgia is known to cause fatigue; fatigue is closely affiliated with depression. Another benefit of tramadol is how it targets alleviate depression and anxiety symptoms. This is essential in helping in depression, which leads to fatigue.

Helpful Programs

Alvin Segelman's Program special $95.00

Alvin Segelman, PhD, Vice President of Health Sciences at Nature's Sunshine,
- 2 capsules of Fibraliga twice daily (providing 1,400 mg of malic acid and 320 mg of magnesium).
- 1 capsule of St. John's Wort three times daily.
- 2-4 capsules of Flax Seed Oil daily - an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids which act as anti-inflammatory.
- 6 capsules of Lecithin daily.
- 2-4 Super Supplemental tablets daily - a high potency multiple vitamin and mineral supplement.

Special-Become a Member Now and Save!

Many people have achieved relief with Dr. Segleman's program. This special member package is designed for approximately 30 days (2 bottles each of Fibraliga and Flax Seed Oil; 1 bottle each of St. John's Wort, Lecithin, and Super Supplementals). This special member package price represents a savings of over $32. Shipping and handling are free on your first purchase as a member. Sign up as a member today and give it a try!

I. Jon Russell's Program

I. Jon Russell, MD, PhD, of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, theorizes that people with Fibromyalgia have a problem with energy metabolism in their muscles. They don't produce enough ATP, which is the basic fuel for muscle cells. He further states that the combination of malic acid and magnesium may facilitate the production of ATP.

His research team recommends beginning with 150 mg of magnesium and 600 mg of malic acid twice a day. Continue at that level for two weeks, then gradually increase the amount every two to three days until you reach a maintenance level of 300 mg of magnesium and 1,200 mg of malic acid twice a day. Research supports that symptoms of fibromyalgia seem to improve when at least 1,200 mg of malic acid and 300 mg of magnesium per day are consumed. Note - Magnesium may cause diarrhea if taken in high quantities. If you develop diarrhea, reduce the amount of magnesium. After a few days, try increasing it gradually.

Magnesium & B6

There is some research suggesting that a deficiency in magnesium and B6 contributes to the muscle pain. Both magnesium and B6 may help.

Herbs & Other Supplements

Fibraliga˘ (90 capsules) $15.15

Each capsule of Fibraliga˘ contains 350 mg of malic acid and 80 mg of magnesium. Malic acid (found in apples, grapes, cranberries) is an essential component for the synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Low levels of ATP have been identified in those with fibromyalgia. ATP is critical to the production of cell energy.

Magnesium is found in the mitochondria of cells and is an essential element in many cell functions, including energy production, protein synthesis, and cell replication.

A double-blind, placebo controlled study published in the Journal of Rheumatology demonstrated the effectiveness of malic acid and magnesium for achieving significant reductions in the severity of pain and tenderness associated with primary fibromyalgia.

Flax Seed Oil (60 capsules) $19.20
Flax Seed Oil Liquid (8 fl oz) $23.75
Flax Seed Oil contains high concentrations of Omega-6 fatty acids and the Omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid, which support the glandular and structural systems. These essential fatty acids (EFAs, called essential fatty acids because the body cannot manufacture them but must get them from the diet) perform many vital functions in the body.

Essential Fatty Acids perform a variety of functions in the body including:

Aiding in the construction of healthy cell walls.
Keeping saturated fats mobile in the bloodstream.
Decreasing stickiness of blood platelets.
Playing a vital role in the production of prostaglandins.
Helping reduce triglyceride levels in the blood.
Insulating nerves.
Normalizing cholesterol levels.
Supporting the kidneys.

Each concentrated softgel capsule contains 550 mg omega-3 essential fatty acids. One tablespoon of Liquid Flax Seed Oil contains approximately 7,770 mg of Omega-3 EFAs and 2,000 mg of Omega-6 EFAs.

Lecithin (270 capsules) $24.35
Lecithin is a fatlike substance and a fat emulsifier, needed by every cell in the body. It largely makes up cell membranes and without it the membranes would harden. Lecithin protects cells from oxidation and helps compose the protective sheaths surrounding the brain. It supports both the circulatory system and the nervous system. This product contains lecithin derived from soybeans; no carrier has been added. Each capsule contains 520 mg (8 grains).

Magnesium (180 tablets) $11.70
There is more magnesium than calcium in muscle tissue and the brain has twice as much as any other tissue. Magnesium governs how calcium is used in the body. It is involved in the metabolism of vitamin C, phosphorus, potassium and sodium and is important in the synthesis of some proteins. More than 300 enzymes require the presence of this mineral. This product is in a base of licorice root, kelp, peppermint leaves and white willow bark. Each tablet contains 250 mg of magnesium oxide and magnesium amino acid chelate.

Omega-3 EPA˘ (60 capsules) $18.90
Omega-3 fatty acids are important to your circulatory health. They help lower LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels, improve circulation, decrease platelet stickiness, as well as improve immune system function. As a source of omega 3 fatty acids, Dr. Weil recommends: 1) eating sardines, herring, mackerel, bluefish, salmon, or 2) hemp or flax oil, or 3) flax meal regularly. Through HerbsNow, Nature's Sunshine offers Omega-3 EPA˘ which contains EPA (180 mg) and DHA (120 mg) from the flesh (not liver) of cold water fish such as salmon and mackerel, with vitamin E.

St. John's Wort (Concentrate) (60 capsules) $18.50
St. John's Wort (Concentrate) (100 capsules) $27.50
St. John's Wort (Concentrate, Time Release) (60 capsules) $21.50
Those suffering from fibromyalgia are prone to discouragement and depression because of the very nature of the syndrome. They are also plagued by sleep disturbances. Both depression and sleep disturbances are helped by St. John's Wort. An impressive body of research show this herb is extremely effective in relieving mild to moderate levels of depression and other nervous system related disorders and with a very low incidence of side effects.

In an article published in the British Medical Journal, researchers reported their analysis of 23 studies comparing the use of St. John's Wort, standard antidepressants and a placebo on 1,757 people with mild to moderate depression. When the results were analyzed, extracts of the herb performed significantly better than the placebo and as well as standard antidepressants after an average of six weeks of treatment. St. John's Wort seems to increase dopamine production in the brain. It provides feelings of well-being even to those who aren't depressed. Dr. Whitaker states that St. John's Wort has been shown to greatly improve sleep quality and is without significant side effects.

St. John's Wort (Concentrate) contains hypericin, a natural compound that has been shown in studies to help relieve depression without the side effects of many antidepressants. Each capsule contains 1 mg. of hypericin, standardized to 0.3 percent. Dr. Whitaker suggests 2 to 3 capsules (standardized to 0.3 percent) daily. While other brands are certainly less expensive, do they contain as much hypericin (the active ingredient)? NSP includes passionflower in this formula for its calming effect. Note - St. John's Wort may cause sensitivity in the sun. Exercise care in the summer months.

Super Supplemental Vitamins & Minerals (120 tablets) $22.20
Super Supplemental Vitamins & Minerals w/o Iron (120 tablets) $21.80
This is a comprehensive, high quality multiple vitamin-mineral supplement that is far superior to standard one-a-day vitamins. It contains a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and a natural complement of related enzymes and cofactors essential to human health in a natural herbal base. You can have this supplement on a daily basis and enhance your health for less than the cost of your daily can of soda. Four tablets contain the following.

Vitamin A (beta carotene)
Vitamin B1 (thiamine)
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)
Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin)
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
Vitamin D (fish oils)
Vitamin E
Folic Acid
Pantothenic acid
Niacinamide 16,000 IU
25 mg
20 mg
100 mcg
500 mg
600 IU
100 IU
300 mcg
400 mcg
150 mg
60 mg
Calcium (bone meal)
Chromium (amino acid chelate)
Copper (gluconate)
Iodine (potassium iodide)
Iron (gluconate)
Potassium (citrate)
Selenium (amino acid chelate)
Zinc (gluconate) 400 mg
100 mcg
2 mg
200 mcg
30 mg
400 mg
3 mg
200 mg
100 mg
100 mcg
30 mg

Una de Gato (Cat's Claw) (100 capsules) $19.20
Una de Gato (Cat's Claw) (2 fl oz) $22.20
Chronic muscle fatigue depresses the immune system. Try Una de Gato. Many have experienced such wonderful results with una de gato that it is now considered equal, if not superior, to the world's foremost immune-fortifying herbs: echinacea, golden seal, pau d' arco, garlic, and Siberian ginseng. It has also been compared favorably with shark cartilage and caprylic acid. It is particularly beneficial to the immune, digestive, and structural systems. Each capsule contains 300 mg of una de gato combined with echinacea purpurea and astragalus.

The UĎa de Gato liquid contains only certified Uncaria tomentosa. Each 1 ml provides 500 mg of una de gato.

B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) (120 tablets) $11.00
Vitamin B6 acts as a coenzyme for metabolic functions affecting the use of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. It promotes the conversion of tryptophan to niacin or serotonin. Those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome often exhibit B6 deficiencies. In a double-blind study conducted at the University of Texas, hundreds were successfully treated for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. George Phalen, MD, who developed the surgical treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, believes B6 may be the treatment of choice. Low B6 levels are found in most diabetics according to Julian Whitaker, MD. He also states that magnesium and B6 supplements will stop kidney stones from developing. B6 also appears to have a significant role in preventing PMS. Use of oral contraceptives has been linked to B6 deficiencies. Each tablet provides 50 mg of vitamin B6.