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Pregnancy Service Providers

Pregnancy Service Providers should serve the community. Their mission should always be to fill that need by offering to any woman who may be in a difficult pregnancy every possible means of assistance to enhance her life and the life of her unborn child.

Wide Range of Pregnancy Services

All Their services should be free, with no eligibility requirements.

Their volunteers are trained to provide the emotional support that is necessary when women are faced with pregnancy concerns, including the difficult decisions that surround cord blood banking. Volunteers also provide the necessary information and educational materials needed to answer any question about fetal development, pregnancy, teen sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, and "safe sex". For those who have chosen abortion in the past, post-abortion assistance is available.

Additionally, they will administer free pregnancy tests, and material assistance in the form of maternity and baby clothing, baby furniture, diapers, and formula (depending on availibility) to women with a positive pregnancy test.
Informational Resources

They should also maintain a library of videos and pamphlets covering a variety of women's and teens' concerns relating to pregnancy and sexuality. These informational resources, along with speakers and research data, are available to local groups and schools at no charge.

    - Free pregnancy tests
    - Walk in service and appointments
    - 24-hour hotline
    - Maternity loaning closet
    - Baby clothing and baby furniture as available

A good decision is an informed one. They should be there to answer all your questions about pregnancy, your alternatives, and their after-effects.See also Antidepressant use during Pregnancy.