Herbs have magnificent healing powers and can be used to treat many serious yet common ailments and to boost your health.

Brain and Memory

Boost your Memory with Herbs

Many factors can contribute to poor memory and brain function: drug interactions, high blood pressure, anxiety, poor thyroid function, cerebral vascular insufficiency, various diseases, even brain tumors. Gingko, Gingko/Gotu Kola, CoQ10 and Pycnogenol all offer the brain and memory nutritional support and help meet the brain's extraordinary demand for oxygen.

Julian Whitaker, M.D., claims symptoms such as short-term memory loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), dizziness, headaches, depression and impaired mental performance may be due to cerebral vascular Gingko Liquidmay help remedy cerebrovascular circulation.

Dr. Whitaker states that a deficiency of virtually any individual nutrient can contribute to impaired mental function. This is supported by a 1998 study of school children published in The Lancet, a British medical journal. This study demonstrated that a multivitamin-mineral supplement increased intelligence scores in children who were not previously malnourished. For further help in boosting your barin help, this book by the Amen Clinics provides tips on increasing brain health and memory.

Seek medical advice if you suspect a serious problem.

Try the following to protect and enhance your brain and memory!

Herbs & Other Supplements
Brain Protex with Huperzine
Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Time-release
Ginkgo & Hawthorn Combination
Ginkgo/Gotu Kola Concentration
Gotu Kola
Essential Oils

Brain Protex with Huperzine (60 capsules) $33.15
Want to protect your brain? Brain Protex with Huperzine is designed to provide your brain with maximum protection against free radical damage. Researchers recently discovered that huperzine helps improve learning and memory in animals. Similar improvements were observed when the compound was given to those with Alzheimer's. Additional research shows that phosphatidyl serine, a component of this product, can help improve cognitive measures in people with Alzheimer's.

Brain Protex with Huperzine:
Improves brain function and memory.
Protects brain capacity.
Improves and protects nerves.
Rapidly passes through the blood-brain barrier.
This product contains huperzine, Ginkgo biloba, phosphatidyl serine, choline, ethanolamine, inositol, alpha lipoic acid, and Rhododendron caucasicum.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Time-release (30 capsules) $29.70
Ginkgo biloba has been approved by German health authorities for the treatment of degenerative dementia, a term often used to indicate the gradual loss of mental abilities with age.

One of the primary reasons for poor memory is insufficient blood flow to the brain. According to Dr. Whitaker an analysis of over 40 scientific articles has clearly demonstrated the value of ginkgo in this respect. He states that ginkgo has been shown to increase the ability of the brain to use glucose and to improve short-term memory by increasing the speed of nerve impulses.

Andrew Weil, M.D., claims that if you review the hefty technical literature on ginkgo, you will find evidence that it increases blood flow throughout the body, especially in the head and extremities. It has been shown to be an effective and nontoxic treatment for disorders of hearing and equilibrium due to impaired circulation to the ear and for deficits of memory and mental function due to impaired blood supply to the brain. Importantly, he further claims its lack of toxicity is in great contrast to the drugs used to treat these conditions.

Dr. Turan M. Itil, a New York neuropsychiatrist and a worldwide authority on the pharmacology of the brain, claims the time to start taking ginkgo is at the first sign of memory problems. He feels early intervention could forestall further deterioration.

Jean Carper, former senior medical correspondent for CNN and author of several books on health and nutrition, reports that German urologists are now using ginkgo for "arterial erectile impotence." Its use in preventing further deterioration in Alzheimer's patients is becoming more common.

The NSP ginkgo is standardized to 24 percent ginkgo flavone glycosides and 6 percent terpenes. The recommended dose ranges from 120 mg to 240 mg a day. Each capsule of Nature's Sunshine's Ginkgo Biloba Extract, time-release, provides 120 mg of ginkgo.

Ginkgo & Hawthorn Combination (100 capsules) $12.50
This product combines the benefits of ginkgo with hawthorn. Dr. Whitaker reports that studies have demonstrated hawthorn extract to be effective in reducing angina attacks. It improves the blood and oxygen supply to the heart by dilating the coronary vessels. He further states it is a very useful herb in treating any heart condition, but especially angina and congestive heart failure.

Ginkgo/Gotu Kola (Concentrate) (60 capsules) 4 Kids Too! $32.90
In addition to the benefits of ginkgo, this combination offers gotu kola with its long history of supporting brain function. Gotu kola has an unusual affinity for the cerebral cortex of the brain. This part of the brain is most directly associated with consciousness, perception, memory, thought, mental ability, and intellect. In India, experiments with mentally disabled children demonstrated significant increases in general ability and marked improvements in attention spans and concentration levels. Lauri Aesoph, N.D., states that gotu kola heals external and internal wounds, helps the liver, increases mental abilities, and improves vein health.

Each tablet provides 40 mg of ginkgo extract and 100 mg of gotu kola. The ginkgo is standardized to 24 percent ginkgo flavone glycosides and 6 percent terpenes.

Gotu Kola (100 capsules) $13.50
Gotu kola has a long history of supporting brain function. It promotes relaxation and improves memory. In the brain it improves neural activity, circulation, protects membranes, and may restore serotonin receptors. In addition to the uses discussed under Ginkgo/Gotu Kola, gotu kola has also been used in early states of macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Each capsule of Gotu Kola (100 capsules) contains 395 mg of gotu kola. Each capsule of Gotu Kola, ATC Concentrate (50 capsules) contains 375 mg of concentrated gotu kola.

Essential Oils Focus (5 ml) $11.40
Focus essential oil blend (Basil, Lavender Fine AOC, Pink Grapefruit Bio, Rosemary) is invigorating and centering. Focus supports your memory and powers of concentration. It is the perfect blend for school, home or the office. You may want to apply to your forehead, behind your ears, back of your neck and on your temples. It stimulates, uplifts, clears the mind and promotes mental focus. Suggested uses: diffusion, massage and inhalation. Do not use with those who have high blood pressure.

Rosemary (5 ml) $8.45
Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is balancing, invigorating, antiseptic, revitalizing, warming and regenerating. Rosemary stimulates the central nervous system and strengthens mental clarity, concentration, awareness, and memory. It has a pungent, woody, camphor-like aroma. Rosemary has the ability to stimulate circulation on the skin and scalp. It has been used as a tonic for the heart and with arteriosclerosis. It warms and relieves cold, bronchial, and asthmatic spasms. It aids the liver function and may aid in treatment of gallbladder problems. Rosemary is also a very effective inhalant that is useful in massage, baths, shampoos and facials. Suggested uses: diffusion, massage, bath and shower, inhalation, skin and hair, household.