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What is Kava?

Vanuatu is well known for the largest producers and source of kava. Kava is an herbal ground root. Kava has been used from many thousand years ago in the south pacific. The kava drink is made from only using the roots of the kava plant that is mix with water. Another name for kava is Piper methysticum which means intoxicating pepper in English. Kava is only drunk after sunset. Long ago kava was only drunken during special ceremonies like funeral, weddings and it was only drunk by the chief and the important people. Women were not allowed to drink kava but now a days kava is drunk every day by men and woman.

The kava bar here in Vanuatu is called a Nakamal.

The kava plant is harvested after four years, a kava root can grow up to 50kg or sometimes even more when it is harvested in a four years time period, the older the kava the bigger the root will be.

How is the kava made?

  • First of all cut they cut the roots off the plant
  • Then they peel all the skin off the root wash it and cut it into little pieces
  • Then they grind the kava pieces
  • After they have grinded the pieces, mix the kava with cold water from the tap, mix all well
  • Then using a very fine cloth sift the kava a few times so that you end up with only the kava juice.
  • When they have finished sifting it, it is then ready to be drunk.

What are they kava effects?

  • Sleepiness
  • Relaxation of your body and muscles
  • Eye reddens
  • You can feel your pupils start getting heavy
  • You can feel your mouth and tongue going a bit numb
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Dangerous side effects of kava

  • Kava is not to be drunk by pregnant women
  • Breast feeding mother
  • Someone that has heart, lung and liver problem
  • Someone that is on medication
  • It is also very dangerous to consume alcohol after drinking kava

Where To Buy Kava

As South Pacific countries become modernized, it is evident that more and more westerners find pleasure in the effects that kava produce. Another herbal stimulant is Kratom, although it comes from Southeast Asia, it comes in many different varieties of easy to digest forms like Kava. In fact, it's quite normal to see a mixture of locals and expatriates enjoying a shell of kava at the nakamal. Nakamals are particular when handling and making kava, ensuring it is fresh and safe to consume. People choose to go to certain nakamals knowing that their kava will be

Likewise, when choosing to buy kava online, it is important to select a supplier that promises superior kava. Buying kava from unknown sources poses high risks and could be detrimental to your health. There are a number of possibilities that could go wrong, from suppliers providing kava that is under or over grown to delivering kava that hasn't gone through the whole process of being made properly. One reliable and authentic supplier of Vanuatu kava is The Vanuatu Kava Store. They have innovative products such as instant kava and kava strips and ensure that it's of the finest quality so that you can enjoy kava

Kava Plant Kava Roots Kava Drink
Kava Plant Kava Roots Kava Drink