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Tips for healthy and shining hair

One of the first things that someone notices about your appearance is probably your hair. That's great if you were blessed with a full, healthy heedful, but for men and women who having thinning hair, it can be a real area of concern and discomfort. The answer to their problems just may lie in medical hair restoration.Drugs such as propecia are also used to minimise the rate of hair loss.

Ensure you eat at least 15% protein-rich food. Maintain a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Set aside time for relaxation as stress can be damaging for your hair.

Head massage helps blood circulation and new growth.

Trim your hair at least every six weeks to keep split ends at bay.

Do hair treatments let hair dry naturally before you wash your hair, comb it. This loosens the hair on your scalp.

Never brush wet hair, hair is weak when wet.

Winter is one of the worst enemies of hair that makes it dry. In winter, dry heat and low indoor humidity also affect hair. In such conditions, it becomes difficult to keep the hair silky, smooth and moist. While you might think the use of hot rollers, straightening irons and curling wands are necessary to keep your hair in the right shape their prolonged use can wreak Havoc with the texture and formation of a healthy set of hair.