Herbs have magnificent healing powers and can be used to treat many serious yet common ailments and to boost your health.


Hypnotherapy can help you with:


Your allergy could be overcome. Enjoy your life more.

Angina. High blood pressure. Insomnia. Stress

All these can be helped. Sometimes all you need is to be able to relax. This can be taught. Help is available to teach you to handle lifes knocks and pressures more easily. More easily than you can imagine. You can use self hypnotic techniques to gain a better quality of sleep.

Anorexia nervosa. Bulimia.

Its not simply a matter of eating more. You need to know and to understand why this is happening. You can be helped.

Child birth

Many people experience a more comfortable birth process using self hypnosis. No drugs are used and no harm can come to the unborn child.


Not everybody is a natural. You can make changes though to your attitude and approach towards life and its situations. Change the way you approach life. See yourself as a success rather than failure. You are the most important person in the world.


How does relaxing on your favourite beach, enjoying the sun and listening to the sound of the ocean appeal. Visit this place whilst in the dentist chair.


Lift the veil of darkness. Let the light into your life.

Irritable bowel syndrome. IBS

Gain some relief. A change in diet has shown to be of benefit in relieving the symptoms. Stress and tension also play a major role in this condition. Hypnosis can help to alleviate this. Hypnosis as a treatment for the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) involves the use of what has been termed 'gut directed hypnotherapy'. During the experience of hypnosis you will receive suggestions aimed at calming your irritated bowel, thus reducing pain, bloating diarrhoea and/or constipation. Dr PJ Whorwell at the University Hospital of South Manchester first developed Gut Directed Hypnotherapy (GDH) in 1984. It was shown that GDH could substantially reduce the symptoms of IBS in 80% of cases. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) affects approximately a quarter of the population. It is a disorder of the digestive system where the muscles of the gut go into spasm with symptoms that can include pain, bloating and disordered bowel habit. Related symptoms might include indigestion/acid reflux. IBS is not a disease it is a functional disorder and although distressing does appear to lead to anything more serious. Functional disorder refers to the fact that the gut is producing symptoms as if there is something seriously (organically) wrong, when in fact there is nothing wrong but it is functioning as if there is something wrong.


You can obtain relief from this discomfort using self hypnosis.

Nail Biting

Stop being embarrassed about your hands. Hypnotic techniques are available to help. Break the habit.

Panic Attacks

Help is available for you live a more comfortable life.

Pain. Discomfort.

In this area of therapy care must be taken. Pain is a warning signal that something is wrong, and to produce an hypnotic analgesic without fully understanding the underlying concern could be dangerous. Hypnosis is a complementary therapy and in some situations you need to contact a medical doctor to ascertain the cause of the pain prior to commencing therapy.


These are states of the mind. Hypnosis is a mental state. Help is available for fear of Flying - Insects - Darkness - Open spaces - Enclosed spaces - Thunder storms - Lifts - Heights - Injections - Public speaking - Dentists - Meeting people etc etc etc Enjoy your life to the full. Why accept less!

Pre Menstrual Syndrome. PMS. PMT.

Feel more calm and relaxed. Gain relief from stomach cramps, etc.


How you are seen by other people as well has how you feel about yourself affects relationships at all levels.You need to love yourself before other people will love you.

Sexual Dysfunctions. Impotence. Premature Ejaculation. Vaginismus

Many of these are mental rather than physical concerns. People expect failure, they watch themselves fail. Change these negative thoughts. Help is available to enable you and your partner to achieve a satisfying and fulfilling relationship. Please be aware that certain drugs used to control diabetes and high blood pressure can cause impotence.


Use hypnosis to re - inforce your desire and commitment to stop. Invest in your health. Break the habit.


With this condition it's to better to work with the partner experiencing the disturbed sleep rather than the actual perpetrator.


Many top sports persons use self hypnosis so as to enable them to peak at the right time and to achieve their true potential. As a football player you can imagine the ball you are about to kick going into the back of the net before you have kicked it. You will be surprised how many more times it will actually happen.

Stuttering. Stammering.

It is amazing how many clients do not stutter or stammer whilst talking in the hypnotic state


Relief from this distressing condition is available. The noise can be reduced or even be turned into something more acceptable. It may be removed altogether. Even a 50% reduction would be a great relief to many people.

Weight Loss

This is not just a matter of a diet to slim, but a need to see yourself slimmer. A change in your inward mental image of yourself will change the outer image.